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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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7/11 store in san jose where this all happened. speaking with the victims dad about his son's final moments and the suspect who is still on the loose. >> reporter: in the final seconds of his life. his dad saw this man and another suspect running towards him wearing a mass and can a mask and a gun. >> the gunman tried to open the door and he couldn't get the door open. he stepped back and shot into the car. that was my understanding from the young man that was with him. rory looked at him and said his name. and then he just died. >> it was all part of a violent crime spree that started with four armed robberies within an hour friday night. one shown here in the surveillance video.
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>> an officer sat in this patrol car. the officers utility belt shows how a bullet punctured the pepper spray canister causing it to explode. one of the bullets pierced the holster and damaged the magazine. jonathan will banks crashed the car and was arrested. he was bloody after getting hit twice in the gun battle but still struggled with officers. a 20,000-dollar reward to catch the second suspect. >> these were heinous crimes perpetrated by individuals with no regard for life. >> the aspiring hip hop artist had just bought a new bmw that morning. >> his dad wants the suspect to do the right thing. >> even though he's done all this stuff, he should have some value about himself. and want to live. that he turn himself in before
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something -- before he commits another tragedy or another tragedy happen to him. >> and this makeshift memorial has grown over the past couple days. park was very popular and liked in san jose. the officer that was hit suffered minor injuries and the suspect arrested faces charges of murder, attempted murder, robbery, car theft and he will be in court on wednesday. live in san jose. cbs 5. >> a priest at a san jose catholic school resigned after defending a registered sex offender on campus. he was volunteering last month when someone recognized him. he produce add letter from the diocese saying that he could be there. that claim was defended by the parish priest, father lou woo. that letter was not signed by the proper officials.
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the bishop of the diocese apologized and tells parishioners it will not happen again. >> police think they play is busted a burglary ring with very young suspects. cbs 5 reporter lynda yee shows us they were caught at the latest burglary attempt on wood bridge circle. >> were nay the process of burglarizing the home when they were caught. >> right. this was a great tip from an aware neighbor who saw something they thought was suspicious and called us. >> they were caught holding a pillow case of stolen goods and burglars tools. a rapid response team of cops who included bell month pd, san mateo sheriff's deputies surrounded this neighborhood on wood bridge circle. >> i was coming down on the stop sign. i saw there were cops around
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the block here on their feet as well. all the cars had the lights off. and it got me. they have to be off for a reason. >> they've been able to connect the suspects to several burglaries. >> it's been a safe neighborhood since the beginning. so in fact, we have been developing a habit of not locking windows. this is a concern. >> police suspect the three teens maybe connected to other burglaries all around the penninsula. tonight they're checking those cases and comparing notes with officers in different communities. live in san mateo, lynda yee cbs 5. >> a man climbed on top of a vta bus at first and keys streak at 10:00 this morning. the roads in the area were shut down while negotiators trained in mental health issues tried to get him to come down. he eventually did. it took four hours.
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deputies took him into custody. tonight it's unclear if he'll be charged with any crime. egypt is still trying to negotiate a cease fire between hamas and israel. trying to stop what otherwise seems inevitability. an israeli invasion of gaza. these are live pictures from the israeli gaza border. you can see right now it's quiet. earlier though palestinian fighter sent a hundred rockets at israel. israel responded with air strikes killing 38 palestinians. that makes three israelis killed since the violence started last week. more than 800 palestinians have been wounded. the images are difficult to watch. cbs reporter charlie shows us half the palestinian victims are women and children. >> an angry crowd gathered outside a hospital in gaza this
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morning as bodies of children killed in yesterday's air strike were brought out to be buried. the four children died along with their mother and four other family members in their three story home when it was hit by an israeli air strike. the husband and father who lost his family was inconsolable. the israeli military says the house was targeted because they believed the hamas commander responsible of launching missiles towards israel was hiding there. the israelis say they're investigating the bombing. throughout the night and into today the israeli military pounded the gaza strip in a bombardment that came pierre and by sea. the air strikes are aimed at crippling hamas and its ability to fire missiles into israel. there's no question why this building was hit by israeli air
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strikes over night. it's one of the main police headquarters here in gaza but flying overhead in gaza city this morning and government offices nearby. this is not a place you want to stay for long. >> for the second time in two days israeli aircraft attacked the media building that hosted agencies. today's strike killed two people including the israelis say its intended target. an islamic militant hiding out in the building. >> israel has been fending off most of the rocket attacks thanks to a project called the iron dome. radar tracks incoming rockets and then the iron dome fires missiles to intercept them. the united states has given israel hundreds of millions of dollars to get the iron dome up and running. israel claims it hits its target 90 percent of the time.
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it uses 50,000-dollar missiles to knock down rockets that cost as little as $800. >> union workers are walking a picket line. all part of a 24 hour strike that started two hours ago. these are live pictures. staff and managers have been working without a contract for months. they rejected managements latest offer. >> we want a contract. we want to protect workers benefits. it's a matter of worker solidarity. and we're here to stand up for -- i'm from san francisco. we're going to stand up for our brothers in oakland here. >> tonight the airport is operating normally but union members and supporters say they'll be at the port of oakland at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to picket there. and that may cause some disruptions. when i say the word oakland, what comes to mind? well, cbs 5 reporter chris shows us how a famous hometown rapper wants to fix what some
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consider the city's image problem. >> in the wake of another homicide in oakland. you've heard the stories. oaklanders know them all by heart. >> a lot of the violence, the gang stuff. some of the drug wars. >> when i tell my friends who don't know anything about it that i live in oakland they think of guns. >> a lot of the perceptions are just that. and when people come experience it they're fans for life. >> that's the point of a new campaign by visit oakland meant to headlight what's great about this city. the slogan, well the writing is on the wall. >> oak land, to know it is to love it. >> the city with a bad reputation in a good light. >> for everything that you would ever say negative about oakland i can say ten positives. >> and who better to help than a famous oaklander in the midst of re inventing his own image. rapper mc hammer lives in tracy now but he's an oakland native. he made a big splash on last
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night's american music awards. >> we couldn't have timed it better. >> on the cusp of a come back that you could compare to oakland's own renaissance. >> it's our time. oak land is having a revival. >> posh restaurants a thriving art season. growing right ups from forbes to the new york times. a diminished police force and soaring homicide rate in sections of east and west oakland. >> there will be nay sayers but i believe there are more people here that love it than not. >> just ask the man that knows it best. >> oakland, to know it is to love it. >> kristen, cbs 5. >> what did he think was going to happen? the watch that triggered a security scare at a bay area airport. and wait until what you hear what the guy has to say for himself. >> it's my money and it makes me mad. the loophole california is
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using to pocket 10s of millions of dollars that belong to ordinary people. >> they're playing with biochemical fire. >> they say you smile and go crazy. the designer drug making a come back in california. ,,
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. >> breaking news out of southern california the fbi arrested four men in an alleged terror plot. the feds say the men conspired to kill americans over seas by joining alkida and the the taliban in afghanistan. the suspects range in age from 20 to 24. a man that set off a bomb scare at an oakland airport will not face charges. this is the watch the man tried to take past the security check point. the toggle switch, and wires raised alarms. deputies arrested jeffrey and evacuated the terminal. >> it's an art project. i travel with hundreds of them. and people that give me
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corporate work, etcetera. >> the district attorney's office did not comment on why they dropped the charges. he tells us that this is the first time he's run into any trouble for wearing his art at an airport. >> have money you haven't touched in three years. well it could be considered unclaimed property by the state. and if you have less than a certain amount, you may never get it back. cbs reporter curtis ming exposes the loophole that allows the state to pocket the millions. >> getting bounced between bank of america. he wants his christmas and birthday money back. >> it's my money. and it makes me mad. >> the bank closed his savings account holding $30.75. turning the money over to the unclaimed property program. which is supposed to hold money in your name until they claim it. >> there's nothing showing up for tanner. they don't have record of receiving anything. they don't know when it's
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coming or if it's coming. >> if you don't touch your money for three years it's considered unclaimed property and must go to the state. we found something interesting in the state law. banks must hand over the unclaimed money. they only need to send along the oners name if the property has a value of at least $50 which explain why is the state had no report of tanner's $30.75. >> how can you have a program that doesn't have the name of openers. >> it's purposely designed that way to become a fish ladder of consumers and citizens so they never make it to the top and get their funds back. >> the state has taken in millions of dollars without any property own information. $68million that belongs to you and ends up in the state general fund. our request for an interview was ignored in this previous
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interview he insisted returning money to owners is a top priority. >> that's why we're returning record ams of money. >> once we contacted bank of america they agreed to return tanners christmas and birthday money. the new challenge how to spend the 30-dollars and 75 cents. >> the law doesn't require it but the state controllers office encourages money to be handed over with a name attached even if it's less than $50. >> more californians are driving high than drunk. a statewide survey found that drugged driving affects weekend drivers. that's twice the number with alcohol in their system. marijuana was the most prevalent drug. designer drugs first developed in san francisco 30 years ago are making a dangerous come back. they were meant to be taken in small doses for therapy.
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cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook says now they're known for a crazy and sometimes deadly high. >> reporter: doreen is still haunt bid the phone call. her 15-year-old son alejandro was having convulsions. he went into cardiac arrest and never came out of it. she says two men approached them and offered them some pills. >> he's the only one that took it. i can't comprehend how he would take that pill. >> that pill was aha louisiana genic a, hallucinogenic drug. it causes intense psychedelic drips. smiles is linked to actor johnny lewis who was suspected
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of killing his landlady or cat before he fell or jumped to his death. users say it's ten times stronger than ecstasy. >> the synthetic compounds are in various groups within the bay area of northern california. you scratch the surface. you get into chat rooms and you can see how big it really is. >> jackie long is a former narcotics officer and works at a rehab facility. these drugs are being sold on the internet and it's not hard to find places to buy them. >> all you need is a credit card. >> earlier this year president obama passed legislation that would pan several synthetic drugs including synthetic marijuana and halucinogens. the law covers many of the drugs but not all of them. >> there's so many out there it's hard to keep track of everything.
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they're loosely regulated in california. as long as it's not a controlled substance by federal law. and they say it's not for human consumption they can sell it here in the united states. >> he promised me one time that he would never do drugs. he thought smoking was bad. >> two men have been charged with manslaughter in the death of alejandro ovula. but she's not looking for justice for her son. >> i don't blame anybody. i don't. he made that choice. >> these drugs aren't anything new. in fact the chemical compounds were developed right here in the bay area by chemist alexander. they've been re branded to look different. >> you never know what it is. >> right. it's important to be educated. it's important that parents know these things are out
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there. >> thank you liz. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> weather time. 24 hours from now we'll look at another round of rainfall. the final round of rain before you'll celebrate with your family for thanksgiving. the rain will move out after that. ahead of the front we have milder air moving in. hanging night the 50s. san francisco, 59. oakland 56. high definition doppler can pick up the slightest shower due west of santa rosa. a few showers out there. it's raining lightly and sporadically in is a know sanoma county right now. astoria oregon. seattle had record rainfall today. submerged in about two, two and a half inches of rain. mud slides north of seattle numerous trees down from 60 miles per hour wind gusts. a big mess in western washington today. we'll get clipped by the tail
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end of this system. which will bring rain. a half a foot of rain. we'll get the tail end of things but we'll see showers moving in about this time tomorrow through wednesday morning. perhaps impacting your escape to grandma's house. as for rainfall totals, it depends on where you are. the farther south you are, the less rain you'll see. up toward santa rosa you'll get significant rainfall tomorrow night. what to expect, cloudy but dry tomorrow. rain moves in tomorrow night. we'll be sunny and mild through thanksgiving. high temperatures tomorrow, mid 60s. 66 for sunnyvale. 67 nor pittsburgh. and 62 for petaluma. then it's all about the sunshine thursday right on through the weekend. we will be mainly sunny. >> it's all about the turkey day. >> good eating weather as well. yes. >> it's always good eating
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weather. >> cute paul. >> very true. >> the sports world is a buzz about a controversy. but it's one game. one football game. but just how good was this guy? you're about to see, next. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait.
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kaepernick's gain against te bears.. . >> alex smith was not clear to play tonight because of his concussion his pain was calling the game against the bears. he was declared unfit by 49er team positions. kaepernick. the pacific sacks exchanged. smith, a beast out there. five and a half sacks of the night. the nfl leader with 14. kaepernick. 243-yards. two touch downs. look at the touch. look at the accuracy. michael crab tree in the end zone. justin continues. no clue what
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to do. a video review rule add safety. john gruden was calling the smith brothers. 49ers dominate 42 to seven. >> all right denis. monday night football, record night for alden smith. kaepernick completed passes and never looked back. >> i wanted to come out and show that i can be a starter. that's what i've been trying to prove since i've been in the league. >> we'll see. i usually tend to go with the guy with the hot hand. and we've got two quarter backs that have a hot hand. >> collin is the man. the ball that he through me it was just a -- i mean it's one of those balls that you see tom brady throw. >> do we have a quarter back controversy? >> you're asking the wrong guy.
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i'm not a coach. >> i just try to make people respect my power. i don't think i'm one of the bigger line backers or ends but i want people to know there's power out here too. >> just another statistic to chew on from candle stick park. the 49ers, glen, cbs 5. >> in dallas. the jump shot to tie the game at 90. the game would go to over time. the warriors. david lee for the go ahead basket with 44 seconds left. warriors win 105, 100. it was jim harbaugh who said we'll see who's got the hot hand. so we'll be back after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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